Lady Gaga Stops Fans From Fighting Mid-Concert—Watch Her Tell Off the Little Monsters!

Singer was quick to put an end to the drama

By Lily Harrison Sep 25, 2014 11:26 PMTags
Lady Gaga

Do not cross Lady Gaga.

The pop star put on quite a show during her ArtRave: The ArtPop Ball tour stop in Antwerp earlier this week, and she even stopped a fight between two fans who were going just a little too gaga for one of her costumes.

After tossing her neon jacket into the crowd, several overzealous concertgoers grabbed at the item in an attempt to take home a memorable keepsake from the evening out.

But not so fast, you guys.

Gaga shouted out at her Little Monsters after seeing that the jacket had sparked chaos among guests in the front row, saying, "Careful. Don't fight."

Then in, a stern voice, she exclaimed, "Hey, hey. Give it back."

Audience members gasped after realizing she was completely serious and wanted the jacket back and within seconds, she got her way.

Gaga tossed the jacket onto one of her backup dancers and told the sold-out venue, "If you're going to fight, you don't get to keep it."

She continued, "Here we practice love." (Cue a roar of applause from the audience.)

Mother Monster then flipped her hair, turned her hip and strutted back to the fans that started the whole drama in the first place to ease the tension.

"And don't worry, I still love you," she said while blowing them all a kiss.

Aw, now that is how you end your night on a high note!