Taylor Swift, No It's Becky, Tumblr


Tumblr, your new queen has emerged.

Taylor Swift, who has recently become really obsessed with Tumblr, stepped out Wednesday night wearing a shirt that read: "no its becky." For the untrained Tumblr user, this means nothing to you save for the obvious grammatical error. But for those who know of the Becky/Taylor Swift Tumblr legend, this photo is your whole world right now, because not only is Taylor aware of the meme, but she wants to be in on it.

Here is the backstory: A photo of a pretty high school girl named Becky was posted to Tumblr by someone who wanted to tell her tragic tale. Apparently, Becky died at a party by "snorting marijuana" and this user wanted to spread awareness about the dangers of pot.

The problem is that the photo used with the story is actually a photo of Taylor Swift from her high school days, a fact that someone swiftly (pun!) points out. But they are adamant about her identity and insist "no its becky." 

Taylor Swift, No It's Becky, Tumblr


First of all, no one has ever died of a marijuana overdose. Second, who the hell snorts weed? Third, if she did do this, how did that make her die instantly? Choking? Suffocating? Extreme stupidity? The story is obviously made up and they used a photo of Taylor Swift to tell it. 

Wow, we are really explaining the hell out of this joke and making it less funny, aren't we? How very Chandler Bing of us.

Whether this whole Tumblr exchange is fake or not doesn't matter because it's Tumblr legend and every time we see it pop up, we laugh at it. And now Swifty is in on the joke and celebrating it because she spends her days trollin' Tumblr now, and we love it.

She also posted a photo of her new shirt to her own Tumblr with the caption: "I'm kind of rethinking my album cover #no it's becky."

Outstanding work, Taylor.

Just a couple questions, though. Did she have this shirt made? Can you buy it somewhere? If so, where can we get it?

Another recent post of hers that we simply adore is her thorough recap of her daily activities when somebody asked her what she did that day:

"Stayed in bed watching Friends re runs til 3pm.
Threw the cats some treats.
Re arranged ma closet.
Stalked tumblr.
Googled cookie recipes.
Got cold so I put on ma robe that has cats on it.
Watched Lena's YouTube episode of ‘Ask Lena' about feminism.
Got really emotional and proud of Emma Watson.
Watched Full House.
Packed bags for leaving again tomorrow.
Oh look it's bed time.

When I'm not doing lots of things, I'm legit doing NOTHING."

Sounds a lot like our weekends. And that is why for the millionth time, Taylor, we need to be best friends!

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