Do you really think that Jennifer Lopez's new guy is the one?
—Jay, Milwaukee, Wisconsin

You mean Marc Anthony? Her husband? Of nearly three years? Did you build a time machine out of uranium and tin foil and get yourself stuck in 2004? Do you need aid? Well, I can't help you. I've been getting scads of questions, per usual, and it's time to knock them out in my weekly Lightning Round...

What is emo? I hear it referred to bands and boys, but I have no idea what it means!
—Leah, Tallahassee, Florida

Short for "emotional," emo is just a type of modern pop-punk-rock. Name a band that focuses on guitar, bass and drums, and it has probably been called emo, correctly or not. Think Fall Out Boy or, more recently, Good Charlotte or Dashboard Confessional.

Do celebs and sports stars own their own planes, or do they fly commercial?
—Katie, Danbury, Connecticut

La Jolie flies her own single-engine Cirrus SR22, and Brad Pitt flies a Cessna Caravan. Don't you read Vogue, or is there not enough light in the caves?

What was up with Angelina Jolie at the Golden Globes? She was acting just like the color of her dress—icy and cold. You'd think she would at least try to act  like she was happy!
—Marie, Boston

Perhaps her Cirrus SR22 was in the shop.

How does your B!tchling keep from laughing out loud during your scathing monologues? Duct tape? Or maybe fear of your admonishment?
—Mike, Charleston, South Carolina

Years of painstaking cross-breeding with sloths and other hefty silent animals.

Eva Longoria's cheekbones look like the handiwork of a plastic surgeon. Admittedly, I do not know her personally, but common sense would tell you there is something unnatural, sinister and even downright evil about the lumps of flesh beneath her eyes. I guess my question is this: Is Lindsay Lohan high right now?
—Christopher, Long Beach, California

Depends. Are the folks at the Wonderland Center on their lunch break?

On E!'s Golden Globe Awards show, a very handsome gentleman made Guiliana a cocktail with the new pear-flavored Grey Goose vodka. What is it called, and what is the recipe?
—Daisy, Tampa, Florida

Dear Grey Goose publicist posing as a hot club-hopper from Florida: Will you people never give up?

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