Sofía Vergara and Jimmy Fallon don't exactly mesh well.

The Modern Family star and Tonight Show host get along great, but when the twosome played the infamous Lip Flip game Monday, well, let's just say it comically altered both their looks!

Jimmy actually looked rather handsome with Sofía's lips swapped in for his. Her bright red lipstick wasn't doing him any favors, but that's a tough one to pull off! The Colombian bombshell, however, looked a bit peculiar with Jimmy's mouth in place of her own!

Jimmy Fallon, Sofia Vergara, Flipped Lips


Sofía told Jimmy that while he "does a good job sometimes" interviewing her, she would like to take on his role for the bit! He agreed, and, in his best Latin accent, tried to mimic Sofía's voice while she chatted with him in both English and Spanish.

The flipped lip pair even sang Gloria Estefan's "Conga" together—and it was, to say the least, memorable!

Of course, Sofía didn't just drop by The Tonight Show to goof around with Jimmy—she had a perfume to promote! The Modern Family star let the late-night host take a sniff the scent, telling him, "When I created it, I wanted for the woman to love it but I also wanted for the men to like it. Because, girls, we put perfume to smell good but we want to smell good for other people, too—for ourselves and for men."

To develop the perfect scent, Sofía explained she wore combinations of different perfumes "like crazy, because that's how I know the men or the women liked them."

Her Modern Family co-stars helped her pinpoint the best scents. "I would lean in very close to like Ed O'Neill," she said, "and Eric Stonestreet has a very good nose for a woman's perfume. Actually, yeah! I would trick him. I would come up to him and see if he reacted or not, and that's how I came up with this!"

Jimmy told Sofía it was "amazing" that she had her own perfume, adding, "I would think as a kid, I wouldn't think I would ever have a chance to have my own cologne or perfume."

Jimmy Fallon, Sofia Vergara, Flipped Lips


"I don't think you should," Sofía replied.

"Well," he said laughingly, "I agree with you!" He suggested, though, that the Modern Family star create "Sofía for men—Jofia!"

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