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Quick, someone check and see if pigs are flying by your window or call up the Devil and see if hell has started freezing over. Why? Because Charlie Sheen might be returning to Two and a Half Men!

Three years after his infamous 2011 exit from the CBS series after a public meltdown in which he lashed out at creator Chuck Lorre, which ended with his firing, Sheen, who stars on FX's Anger Management, is looking to make one last appearance as Charlie Harper.

Though his character was killed off after his headline-making exit, Sheen says that he and Two and a Half Men's creative teams have discussed his potential return in the series' final season, which kicks off on Oct. 30.

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Sheen's rep Jeff Ballard tells E! News that Sheen and Lorre have a mutual friend, and "a balloon was floated so to speak...Everyone kind of went hmm, that could be kind of interesting. And that is the state where it is at."

Ballard tells us that, from what he understands, Lorre is receptive and Charlie "most certainly is." "[Charlie] would like to do that for all the fans that watch the show all those years and continue to watch it in syndication," Ballard explains. 

Sheen's run on FX's Anger Management could be coming to an end, as the show's original 100 episode order has already been completed. "We are waiting to hear if Anger Management is going to get picked up for an additional 50 episodes," says Ballard, adding that Anger Management premieres in syndication tonight on Fox across the country. "But either way he is making himself available to do Two and Half Men," says Ballard. 

So far, Warner Bros. has not commented.

The big question, of course, is whether Lorre and the CBS brasswant Sheen to return, after the bad blood.

When we asked Lorre last month about the possibilty of Sheen returning, he told E! News: "We haven't discussed that, really. We've been really focused on finding a storyline that puts Jon and Ashton front and center in a really interesting, provocative hopefully fun story. That was our priority going into this year, was to do a storyline that puts these two guys right in the middle of it. So outside characters will come in as they do, but that's not the focus." (In case you hadn't heard, Men is doing a gay-marriage storyline with Ashton and Jon's character this season.)

Lorre clearly has a lot to be thankful for when it comes to Ashton and Jon, who kept the show's ratings high after Sheen's departure—the first time in the history of television that a hugely successful comedy fired its headlining star, and with surprising success.

Two and a Half Men

Michael Yarish/Warner Bros.

 "I was delighted that it kept everybody working for another three years," Lorre told E! News of Ashton replacing Charlie. "And we've had a lot of fun. It's a fun place to go to work. It's really light and nobody takes anything terribly seriously and the fact that people have continued to watch the show,  you can't count on that. It could have gone the other way, it really could have. But we've got these two great leads in Ashton and Jon and they're imminently funny and watchable, so it worked out OK."

Jon Cryer said this of the possibility of Sheen's return: " I know that the story doesn't include his character in any way, and I don't know how they'd do it in any way. But, this is Two and a Half Men, and often the show goes off in ways that you don't expect it to go, so I'm not ruling it out."

After CBS president Nina Tassler announced that Two and a Half Men would be ending at the 2014 Summer Press Tour, she also deflected questions about Sheen's possible return to Lorre. "I would like to see whatever Chuck would like to," Tassler hedged. "Chuck knows his show better than me...he has a lot of surprises in store, I don't know if that's one of them."

Two and a Half Men kicks off its final season on Oct. 30 on CBS.

TV Guide Magazine first reported the news of Sheen's possible return.

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