Stop What You Are Doing and Watch Joshua Jackson Ride a Horse and Wear a Cowboy Hat on The Affair

Exclusive! The Fringe and Dawson's Creek alum shows off a whole new side on Showtime's newest drama, premiering Oct. 12

By Tierney Bricker Sep 19, 2014 9:14 PMTags

PSA: Do not watch this video if you have major plans this weekend because you will cancel them to just rewatch it over and over. Why? 'Cause Joshua Jackson is riding a horse and wearing a cowboy hat.

In Showtime's buzzed-about new drama The Affair, one of our favorite freshman offerings of the fall, the Fringe and Dawson's Creek alum plays Cole, the fourth corner of a complicated love square who happens to be a Montauk rancher, hence the hat, horse and horseback riding.

"I was emailing his agents like, 'Can Josh ride a horse?' creator and executive producer Sarah Treem says in the exclusive featurette above. "Josh is actually a great horseback rider."

And yes, you see just how great he is in the video. He even does a hat tip. Go on, take a moment.


"Cole, played by Josh Jackson, is a dreamboat," costar Dominic West, who plays the man Cole's wife has an affair with. "And why anyone would leave him for an older guy, I don't know! I just hope Josh isn't bringing his innate charm too much to the role!"

To learn more about Cole, and his complicated relationship with Allison (Ruth Wilson), watch the exclusive video above. 

And when we chatted with Wilson, she admitted that she was actually a fan of Jackson's before working with him, thanks to his time spent at the Creek. "I grew up with Pacey and grew up with Dawson's Creek, so I often call him Pacey, actually, by mistake!"

(P.S. We're very proud of ourselves for not making the obvious "Save a horse, ride a cowboy" joke.)

The Affair premieres Oct. 12 on Showtime.