LeAnn Rimes Mocks Tabloid Stories About Her Marriage to Eddie Cibrian, Suggests a New Headline

Singer calls out OK! and The National Enquirer

By Zach Johnson Sep 19, 2014 11:45 AMTags
LeAnn Rimes, CMT AwardsMichael Loccisano/Getty Images

It's a good thing LeAnn Rimes has a sense of humor!

The country crooner and tabloid target called out two publications who tried to tarnish her marriage to Eddie Cibrian, whom she wed in the spring of 2011. The sarcastic singer fired off a response via Twitter Thursday, writing, " If you combine OK! Magazine and The National Enquirer's stories that they're 'investigating' this week you get...Eddie doesn't want to have kids with me so he's been cheating on me since April & we're headed for that 50 million dollar divorce we were gonna go through almost a year ago," Rimes told her fans. "I'm sure there's aliens involved in it too, but we only get told bits and pieces."

Rimes, 32, added several hashtags: "#nextweekstabloids #there'syourquoteforyourdeadline #bothownedbythesamecompany #synergy #alwaysintheknow #thatwasfun."

The "Can't Fight the Moonlight" singer also responded to a humorous tweet, which said she is pregnant with an alien baby and that Cibrian bought her a Pilates studio. "He likes to do it on the reformer," Rimes replied in jest. "We heard you conceive alien babies that way. He's such a giving husband."

While promoting their Vh1 reality show earlier this summer, Cibirian admitted to OK! that he didn't expect the tabloids to leave them alone. "I mean, come on," the 41-year-old actor said. "We are all realistic."

How do they handle the rumors? "We are both very much smartasses," Rimes said. "We give each other a lot of crap. I think people think we pretty much take ourselves super seriously and we don't at all."

Cibrian added that on Leann & Eddie, people would see "how we interact with one another juxtaposed to everything else that the public reads or is fed by the tabloids and what we think they are as a couple."