Flying is basically the worst thing ever. We know we're supposed to marvel at the fact that we can now get across the country in mere hours instead of the old days when we had to travel for weeks and week by covered wagon and we lost family members to dysentery and cholera and constantly got our oxen stolen by bandits in the middle of the night!

(We might have some unresolved issues about Oregon Trail).

Anyway, if you are traveling by plane and you come across a fellow passenger who is being a real d--k or is just being straight-up gross with their flying habits, then you can at least find comfort that very soon, you will be shaming them through social media.

The Instagram and Facebook account, Passenger Shaming, is dedicated to chronicling the disgusting and vile things that humans are capable of when stuck in a metal tube for a couple hours. Flight attendants and other travelers around the world are snapping photos of the offenders for the sole purpose of shaming the crap out of them. And if you are sitting in your seat with your shirt off and your gut hanging over the seat belt, then you definitely deserve it. 

The official description of the account, which has over 140,000 loyal followers on Facebook and Instagram reads: "Photos of a--holes taken by anonymous flight attendants & passengers from all over the world. Don't end up here."

The photos of said a--holes include people putting their bare feet up on the seats in front of them (gross), making out with someone while straddling them (woof) and falling asleep with their hand down their pants (yikes).

Some of these photos make us honestly question how on earth a person with half a brain would think it's perfectly fine to leave four dirty diapers just lying on the floor underneath their seat instead of, oh, we don't know, putting them in a trash can?!

So if you find yourself dealing with a situation like in the photos shown, snap away and join the Passenger Shaming movement. And if you see yourself in any of these photos, may the lord have mercy on your logic and good manner-lacking soul.

Next time we fly Southwest, we are going to take photos of the people who still do not understand the boarding procedure and mess up the entire line. It's letters and numbers! Why do people not grasp this?!

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