Gael García Bernal Denies Dolores Fonzi Marriage

"We had kids," the actor says of his ex

By Zach Johnson Sep 18, 2014 2:25 PMTags
Gael Garcia Bernal, Dolores FonziJeff Vespa/VF13/WireImage

Wait, what?!

Earlier this month, it was reported that Gael García Bernal and Dolores Fonzi were ending their nearly five-year marriage. While it's true that they've broken up, the actor has since revealed they never wed!

"We actually didn't even get married," he tells Elle. "We had kids." Still, García Bernal tells the magazine he felt "more than married," given that he and Fonzi are raising son Lázaro, 5, and daughter Libertad, 3. When the actor's mother revealed the breakup to People en Español, she said the exes and their kids are all "doing well."

Is the institution of marriage important to García Bernal?

"What's important is the arrangement. The responsibility. The deal. To do it with the person you're embarking on [it with]. That's more important than anything any religion or government would say. But that's a case-by-case situation. I'm not saying it should be like this. But for us it was," the actor, 35, tells Elle. "The institution of family is important, definitely. And I enjoy it a lot. More than I thought I would."

García Bernal admits that his feelings on monogamy are mixed, saying, "So many things have changed in the last century. The concept of monogamy is an inheritance of a medieval time, when family would carry the tradition of the name and certain privileges. It's a way of organizing society, perhaps. So all the moral issues that carry with monogamy and the real meaning of where it comes from? It's questionable nowadays. I can't say I don't believe in it. I just think that everyone has their own interpretation."