A promise is a promise—until it's broken.

The Jonas Brothers famously wore purity rings as a sign of chastity when they first rose to stardom. About four years ago, rumors began to swirl that Nick Jonas and Joe Jonas had reneged their pledges. During a HuffPost Live interview Tuesday, Nick confirmed that he's no longer wearing the finger bling.

"This is a real growth in me and not something I'm doing anymore," the 22-year-old "Jealous" singer explained. Nick continued, "But I've got my set of values, things that are important to me now at this point in my life and that's all that matters. I've had an incredibly intense journey with faith and religion and my own growth. My belief in God is still very strong and important to me as a person and I think that's all that should matter. I grew up in a church environment and still have love for the church."

"What's important now is my relationship with God, and that I not judge and that I not be judged."

Nick, who's dating former Miss Universe Olivia Culpo, previously dated Miley Cyrus and Selena Gomez.

Joe, meanwhile, lost his virginity at age 20 while he was dating Ashley Greene. "I did other stuff before then, but I was sexually active at 20," the 25-year-old singer wrote in a Vulture essay last year. The "See No More" singer, whose exes include Demi Lovato and Taylor Swift, added, "I'm glad I waited for the right person, because you look back and you go, 'That girl was bats--t crazy. I'm glad I didn't go there.'"

At least one of the brothers was able to honor his pledge.

Kevin Jonas didn't have sex until his wedding night in 2009. "After we did it, I was kind of like, that's it?" he later admitted. Asked if Danielle Jonas agreed with his assessment, he said, "That's what she said."

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