Netflix Is Finally Letting You Delete Your Viewing History, So Now No One Will Know You Watched the Katy Perry Movie

Company is also testing out a new privacy feature so you can hide your viewing habits altogether

By Jenna Mullins Sep 16, 2014 5:49 PMTags

Hey, you. Yeah, you. The one whose viewing habits on Netflix reads like a 16-year-old girl when you are actually a 32-year-old man. We see your One Tree Hill binge. We know that you actually watched the Katy Perry concert movie in full. Well, now there's good news for you, because you can erase all evidence of your shameful Netflix history with the quick click of a button.

The streaming service recently rolled out a new feature which allows you to delete your viewing history, which will change the recommendations you get from Netflix. So if you tried out Parks and Recreation but didn't get into it (which also means you are some kind of monster), you can delete it from your viewing history and you will stop getting urges from Netflix to check out The Office and 30 Rock. But you should be watching all three anyway so what are you even doing?!

But we all know the best part of this feature is the fact that if you share your account with anyone, then you don't have to be embarrassed when they spot that marathon viewing of Say Yes to the Dress Atlanta. You can just delete that s--t and they'll never know.

How do you start hiding your shame? All you have to do is log into your account and then go to the activity page. You'll see a new "X" next to each title. If you want to delete it from your history, just give it a click. Done.

However, if you have an account set up for your kids, they won't be able to delete their viewing history, so you'll always know if they've been watching something not suitable for children. Or you can see if they've been watching Friday Night Lights and you can warn them to just skip season two.

Netflix is also testing out a new "privacy mode" with certain subscribers, because sometimes you want your recently watched list to be incognito.

"At Netflix we continuously test new things. In this case, we are testing a feature in which a user watching a movie or TV show can choose to view in 'Privacy Mode," director of corporate communications Cliff Edwards said in a statement. "Choosing that option means the program will not appear in your viewing activity log, nor will it be used to determine recommendations about what you should watch in the future."

Just for funsies, here's a quick look at our viewing history. Hmm, there really isn't anything there we are so ashamed of that we would want to erase it:

On a related note: Anastasia totally holds up. And Dimitri (voiced by John Cusack) is still a fox: