Dr. Julius No. Ersnt Blofeld. Auric Goldfinger. Carlos Lopez?!

We're thinking this wasn't the villain the filmmakers behind the latest James Bond caper had in mind.

But Lopez, the mayor of the far-flung, northern Chile town of Sierra Gorda, where the movie is filming, managed to shake and stir the cast and crew of Quantum of Solace, as he crashed the set Tuesday.

According to published reports, the politician drove a truck into a train station—the site of the shoot—leading a band of some 200 locals who were angry at the disturbance caused by the 007 gang.

The unplanned stunt temporarily disrupted the production and resulted in hizzoner's arrest.

"He got angry, entered into a private enclosure...and caused public disorder and was detained," a police official was quoted by Reuters. "Now it is in the hands of the prosecutor."

Lopez wasn't a S.P.E.C.T.R.E. lackey. Instead, he and his supporters were peeved at the heavy police presence in his town, which to him recalled the bad old days of Chilean dictator Augusto Pinochet, who ruled the country with an iron first from 1973 to 1990.

Per Radio Cooperativa, Lopez was charged with disorderly conduct and trespassing and was then released.

"For a town that has just 1,000 residents, sending in special forces and water cannon, preventing people from walking in the street, reminded me of the worst of the Pinochet years," Lopez said by phone.

Witnesses said the maneuver could have been a lot worse, with two bystanders nearly plowed over by Lopez's vehicle. 

The mayor was also insulted that Solace, once again starring Daniel Craig as the martini-swilling superspy, was depicting the Antofagasta region in which they were shooting as part of neighboring Bolivia. The area was ceded by Chile during the rival nations' 1879-83 war.

"I also disagree with national territory being used as locations [to represent] other countries," he added. "Even in a fictional film, unfortunately friendly, neighboring countries use decisions like this to make unjustified claims."

Bolivia and Chile have still not renewed diplomatic ties.

Sony Pictures and MGM have targeted Quantum Solace for an Oct. 31 release in Great Britain and select territories. It unspools in the U.S. and everywhere else Nov. 7.

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