Britney Spears is relying on an old friend to give her a new lease on her professional life.

The pop star is bringing erstwhile manager Larry Rudolph back into her inner circle.

The duo, whose relationship has undergone well-chronicled ups and downs, most recently with the pair parting ways after Spears publicly blamed him for forcing her into rehab, is apparently back in business.

"It's true," a source close to the pop star told E! News. "They are working together."

Rudolph's MySpace page says as much itself, naming Spears under his list of "current projects."

Meanwhile, Rudolph's company, ReignDeer Entertainment, also confirms the partnership.

"Currently ReignDeer is representing the pop mega-star Britney Spears," reads a blurb on the company's MySpace page, which was last updated on March 23.

It's unclear when Rudolph reentered the picture, but Spears' career has already been on the upswing, particularly in the wake of her fairly well-received, ratings-grabbing guest-starring turn on How I Met Your Mother last week.

Rudolph is the eagle-eyed manager credited with discovering Spears and crafting her career from small-town Louisiana ingenue to mouse-ear-wearing Disney star to international pop icon. They were together for roughly nine years, ultimately splitting around the time Spears wed Kevin Federline.

Just one day after her 2006 split from K-Fed, however, Rudolph was back on her arm. Their second professional go-round was much less lengthy—and successful—than their first, ultimately disintegrating in early 2007 after Spears let loose a series of caustic on-camera rants about Rudolph being the reason she was tricked into entering rehab and for turning her family against her.

Jamie Spears, however, has always been a public Rudolph supporter. While Papa Spears is currently holding (very tightly) the reins of his daughter's life, it's unclear whether he had any part in reforging the partnership.

Regardless, Rudolph's resumes his position after succeeding who might be Spears' most infamous manager to date, former pal Sam Lutfi.

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