Ouch! Ben McKenzie Gets Stitches After Freak Accident on Gotham Set—Take a Look!

Actor shares photos of his injuries from a doctor’s office on Instagram

By Mike Vulpo Sep 14, 2014 2:23 AMTags
Ben MckenzieInstagram

Talk about the worst birthday present ever!

As Benjamin McKenzie continued shooting episodes for his new Fox series, Gotham, the 36-year-old actor accidently injured himself.

"Happy Birthday to me. Fight sequence gone awry," he wrote on Instagram Friday with a giant bandage on his forehead. "Don't ram your head into concrete pillars kids. #gotham"

He quickly posted another picture, this time with real blood. "Holy concrete wall, Batman! #Gotham," he added.

Lucky for McKenzie and the entire cast and crew, the injury was far from serious.  


Thanks to a quick visit to the doctor, McKenzie is expected to make a full recovery and be back to work early next week. 

"Doc Sherman at New York-Presbyterian, you are a career saver," he instagrammed. "Thanks for stitching me up nice. Back to work Monday. #gotham" 

The new Fox drama, which premieres Sept. 22, has received mostly positive reviews from critics.

Co-starring Jada Pinkett Smith, Donal Logue and David Mazouz, the series tells the story of Commissioner James Gordon's (McKenzie) rise to prominence in Gotham City years before Batman's infamous arrival.

Based on the previews, Batman and comic book fans will be quite impressed with the mystery, suspense and thrills promised throughout the season.