Mandy Moore Scrubs in for Red Band Society, Clearly Loves Hospitals—Remember Her Grey's, Scrubs Roles?

We guess Moore doesn't have PTSD from the Seattle Grace Mercy West massacre on the ABC drama!

By Sydney Bucksbaum Sep 12, 2014 6:31 PMTags
Mandy MooreMike Windle/Getty Images

We never thought we'd see the day when Mandy Moore returns to another hospital TV show after living through the Seattle Grace Mercy West massacre on Grey's Anatomy, but the singer just booked a recurring guest star role on one!

Moore has just joined Fox's new drama (and our new obsession!), Red Band Society, E! News has confirmed.

She will play Dr. Erin Grace, chief of staff at Ocean Park Hospital, who also is Dr. McAndrew's (Dave Annable) ex-fiancée. Mixing work and love? That's never a good idea, and sure to cause lots of juicy drama in this hospital!


Of course, we're still majorly surprised Moore is down for more hospital drama. We were so sure she would have PTSD after playing Grey's Anatomy patient Mary Portman during the emotionally draining season six finale episodes when a gunman got loose in the hospital to get revenge for his wife's death. We're still shaken up from watching those episodes, and it's been four years since they aired!

For those of you not talking about this Grey's arc four years later in therapy (Shonda Rhimes, we're still waiting for you to reimburse us for our many, many sessions), Mary was in the hospital for a routine surgery when the gunman, Gary Clark (Michael O'Neill), on a mission to kill Derek (Patrick Dempsey) since he believed Derek killed his wife in surgery, shot and killed a ton of doctors, nurses and patients in a rampage, and wounded Derek, Alex (Justin Chambers), and many others. Moore helped Bailey (Chandra Wilson) try to save Mercy West doc Charles (Robert Baker), but were crushed to find out SWAT turned off the power in the hospital during the lockdown, so they couldn't drag Charles to an OR to save his life.

Sorry, couldn't see the screen there for a second, our tears were in the way. [Sobs.]

And Moore's heartbreaking role on Grey's didn't end there. In season seven, six months after the shootings occurred, she returned to the hospital to finally get the surgery she was supposed to get. But something went wrong in the routine surgery, and Mary was unable to wake from the anesthesia and died, at a great personal loss to Bailey.


That emotionally scarring Grey's Anatomy role isn't the only hospital show Moore guest-starred on, though. She had a much happier, lighter role on Scrubs!

Remember Julie Quinn, the geeky girl J.D. (Zach Braff) dated who was practically perfect for him? Yup, that was Moore! She appeared on two episodes before J.D. and Julie broke up because she wasn't ready for a long-term relationship.

On second thought, doesn't sound like Moore's Scrubs role ended all that happily, either! Maybe she's hoping that her time on Red Band Society will erase those sad memories of appearing on hospital shows?

Red Band Society premieres Wednesday, Sept. 17, at 9 p.m. on Fox.