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UPDATE: Iron Dog released a statement to clarify that it was not officially affiliated with the party that took place on Sept 6. "Iron Dog is much more than a race and we are dedicated to developing a positive, family-friendly and entertaining series of events. We host safety expos, conduct a statewide urban-rural student exchange and work with local charities to create positive change all across Alaska," executive director Kevin Kastner tells E! News. "While there may have been one or two racers involved in the recent party, they do not represent the organization as a whole. It's regrettable that a story like this has been blown completely out of proportion." Furthermore, Chris Olds, whom bloggers claimed got swept up in the melee, does not own a home in Anchorage. Olds was, in fact, out of town on a hunting trip.


This isn't the first scandal the former first family of Alaska has faced.

Several members of Sarah Palin's clan were allegedly involved in a drunken brawl at a snowmobile party in Alaska, which was sponsored by the annual Iron Dog snowmobile race, per various reports. According to bloggers, Track Palin got into a fistfight with a man who may have dated his sister, Willow Palin.

Alaskan political blogger Amanda Coyne pieced together an account from various witnesses. According to her post, Coyne's sources saw Track "stumbled out of a stretch Hummer" before picking a fight. The owner of the house, Chris Olds, got involved and claimed he was struck by Bristol Palin several times.

"At this point, he's up against nearly the whole Palin tribe: Palin women screaming. Palin men thumping their chests. Word is that Bristol has a particularly strong right hook, which she employed repeatedly, and it's something to hear when Sarah screams, 'Don't you know who I am?'" she wrote. "And it was particularly wonderful when someone in the crowd screamed back, 'This isn't some damned Hillbilly reality show!'"

The New York Daily News claims the Palins were asked to leave when the altercation got ugly.

Anchorage Police Department's communications director Jennifer Castro confirmed that a fight took place over the weekend, but did not say if the Palins were involved in the alleged altercation.

"On Saturday, Sept. 6, 2014, just before midnight, Anchorage police responded to a report of a verbal and physical altercation taking place between multiple subjects outside of a residence located on the 900 block of Harbor Circle. A preliminary investigation by police revealed that a party had been taking place at a nearby residence and a fight had broken out between multiple subjects outside of the residence," Castro told E! News Friday. "At the time of the incident, none of the involved parties wanted to press charges and no arrests were made. However, the case is still an active investigation and is being reviewed by APD and the Municipal Prosecutors Office. Alcohol was believed to have been a factor in the incident. Some of the Palin family members were in attendance at the party."

Castro added, "We are unable to release any police reports or further information at this time."

E! News has reached out to Palin's rep for comment.

The Palin family's dramatic weekend didn't end there, however. The next night, Bristol returned to her home in Wasilla, Ala., to find a man in her driveway, who was arrested and charged with felony stalking.

(Originally published on Friday, Sept. 12, 2014, at 6:40 a.m. PDT.)

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