Mickey Rourke Scoots to Plea Deal

Actor pleads guilty to reckless driving, a lesser charge than his original DUI bust

By Gina Serpe Mar 21, 2008 3:39 PMTags

Mickey Rourke may not be showing any signs of cleaning up his act, but he has cleaned up his rap sheet.

The hard-living actor has pleaded guilty to one count of reckless driving, stemming from his infamous Vespa-powered arrest in Miami Beach last November. He was originally busted on charges of driving under the influence, which Rourke has denied since his arrest and which were dropped with his plea deal.

"I did a left U-turn at a red light, but I wasn't drunk," the 55-year-old told the Palm Beach Post from the New York set of his new film, The Wrestler.

"I'm friend with most cops in the city, and they told me the guy who got me isn't even liked by his colleagues. He's a 400-pound f--ker unfit for duty."

For the lesser charge, Rourke was sentenced to complete six months' probation and 50 hours' community service, and to pay nearly $1,200 in fines.

However, the actor was allowed pay the court $10 per hour of community service to get out of doing the actual work.

"The only thing he has to do is take an online driving course," his attorney, Michael Grieco, told the newspaper.

That, and put the incident behind him, which, if Rourke's recent recollection of the bust—which took place just after 4 a.m. near his Miami Beach vacation home—are any indication, it seems to be easier said than done.

"I said to him: 'F--k you, I'm not drunk.' I guess he didn't like that," he said of his arresting officer. "They started on me at the station with the pencil in front of my eyes. Then they gave me the breath thing, like, seven times. And it always came out under the limit. I had two drinks hours before they stopped me."

The 9½ Weeks star, who, per the police report, did exceed the state's legal blood-alcohol limit, albeit just barely at 0.081, was busted after spending roughly two hours in the popular nightclub Mansion.

He emerged from the club with a blonde, who was not only present at the time of his arrest, but who is apparently destined to remain unidentified.

"Don't ask me her name," Rourke told the Post. "I have no idea who she was. I met her in a bar and never saw her again."