Could a Married With Children Reunion Happen? "We've Talked About it," Katey Sagal Reveals

Katey Sagal and Christina Applegate have very different opinions on a potential comeback of the Fox hit sitcom

By Tierney Bricker Sep 11, 2014 3:31 PMTags
Katey Sagal, Christina Applegate, David Faustino, Ed O'Neill, Married with ChildrenTony DiMaio/startraksphoto.com, FOX

Are the Bundys making a comeback?

TV reunions are all the rage right now, with Full House eyeing a revival, and Girl Meets World revitalizing the Boy Meets World franchise. But Could a Married...With Children reunion be next?!

The stars of the iconic Fox comedy, which ran for 11 seasons, reunited on Tuesday to honor, Katey Sagal, who received a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. Yes, TV's most dysfunctional family—Al (Ed O'Neill) Peg (Sagal), Kelly (Christina Applegate) and Bud (David Faustino)—are still close all these years later.

And at the event, Sagal, who currently stars on FX's hit drama Sons of Anarchy, told E! News that they've discussed staging a reunion since Married...With Children signed off the air in 1997.

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"We've talked about it every year, but then there are so many pieces that have to be in alignment that for some reason it never happens," she spilled. "But we love each other. Well, we're all working now, so it's hard to find the time!"

However, her onscreen daughter Christina Applegate isn't too interested in donning Kelly's infamously tight wardrobe again anytime soon.

"We all kind of have other things going on. No one wants to see me in a miniskirt anymore," she told us. "I'm 42 years old. I never wanted to see me in them back when I was 18. I don't know if I could go that route."

But that doesn't mean you won't see the cast come together again, as Applegate teased that a special project could be in the works.

"We're going to do something with Dave maybe. I don't know if it will be in character," she spilled. "But I don't really know. I don't know what that's going to be. I don't know if I'm allowed to speak on that at all. So I should probably stop talking about it right now!"

While she decided to remain mum on a potential Bundy family reunion, Applegate was more than happy to gush over her onscreen mama. 

"It's mindblowing that we've been together since I was 15 years old and she's my mom and I'm really, really excited for her," she said.