Jennifer Lopez Sleeps With a Hot High School Student in The Boy Next Door Movie Trailer: Watch Now!

Check out the steamy clip

By Brett Malec Sep 08, 2014 11:51 PMTags

Now this is exactly the kind of Jennifer Lopez movie we love to see!

In the new trailer for J.Lo's upcoming flick The Boy Next Door, the 45-year-old actress finds herself in hot water when she sleeps with a super-hot high school student named Noah.

In the trailer, Lopez plays a divorced mother and high school teacher. When a hunky teen played by Ryan Guzman moves in next door, Lopez and Guzman's characters begin a dangerous attraction. "God, you're beautiful. I'm sorry, I shouldn't have," Guzman says to Lopez in one scene.

"It's OK. That's the nicest thing anyone's said to me in a long time," Lopez flirts back. Guzman responds, "Then I'm glad I said it."

Their attraction comes to a head one night when they finally sleep together. Then Lopez's world comes crumbling down after the student's obsession with her hits a dangerous high and he begins terrorizing her life.

Watch the sexy and thrilling trailer for The Boy Next Door for yourself!