Watch Joan Rivers Take Down Jane Fonda in First-Ever Fashion Police Clip!

Check out these exclusive throwback clips of the late legend

By Brett Malec Sep 05, 2014 4:44 PMTags
Watch: See a Throwback Joan Rivers Fashion Review

What better way to remember Joan Rivers than by looking back at her first-ever Fashion Police episode for E!?

In this exclusive throwback video from decades ago, the late comedic legend takes down the one and only Jane Fonda.

"I'm Joan Rivers, E!'s slave to glamor and I'm welcoming you to the Academy Awards fashion review," Rivers says in the clip, adding, "Keep in mind this is just fun, it's just going to be constructive criticism. It's going to be a gentle kind of chiding hint to some of these people. So if I say somebody looks like a pig, they should take it with love."

Watch: See Joan Rivers' Early "Fashion Police" Days

"We're going to start with a beautiful, beautiful woman; I wish I could say the same thing about her dress," Rivers jokes before tearing into Fonda's black-and-white Versace gown. "Gianni Versace—the man's Italian, I think he is still pissed they lost the war...That skirt, the skirt could have been made by Ross and Purina! Jane, Jane, Jane from Joan, Joan, Joan, listen to me, Elvis wore simpler gowns on stage."


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