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Mean Girls fans everywhere were overjoyed this morning when ABC announced that everyone's favorite teenage crush Jonathan Bennetta.k.a. Aaron Samuelswould be competing on Dancing With the Stars this season.

Bennett will be paired with pro dancer Allison Holker, competing against Back to the Future star Lea Thompson, Pretty Little Liars' Janel Parrish, The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air's Alfonso Ribeiro and more, less recognizable "stars" for season 19.

In the 10 years since the cult classic movie Mean Girls premiered, Bennett has been up to quite a lot...besides looking sexy with his hair pushed back, of course. We decided to round up some of his best, worst, funniest and most random roles since he made all of us swoon all those years ago by asking what day it was. ("It's October 3rd.")

In season four of the CW's Superman origin series Smallville, Bennett played a one-off meteor-freak-of-the-week named Kevin Grady, someone who could zap and erase the short-term memory of anyone. He used his powers to rob stores and live the fast life, but when he tries to zap Clark, who is Kryptonian and not a human, Kevin accidentally erases all of his memory. Oops.

Jonathan Bennett, Veronica Mars


Um, remember when Bennett joined a cult? JK, he just played a rich, snobby teen who joins a cult on Veronica Mars. Veronica was hired by his parents to bring him back home, but she ends up falling for him and his new positive outlook on life. Too bad it didn't last, since his parents hired someone else to kidnap and brainwash him into changing back to normal.

Bennett reunited with his onetime Smallville co-star Tom Welling for the Cheaper By the Dozen sequel, Cheaper By the Dozen 2. Remember when he became a father for the first time? Awwww.

And then there was that time Bennett played a soldier in the 2011 movie, Memorial Day. Aaron Samuels in army fatigues? Not a bad sight.

And now for a little Christmas spirit in the summer, Bennett starred in the movie Holiday High School Reunion as the best friend/guy that's actually totally perfect for the girl who's been trying to get back together with a jerk the entire movie. Spoiler alert: everyone gets a happy ending.

Over the past summer, Bennett served as a host on MTV's singing competition series Copycat. This wasn't an ordinary singing show though, because amateur singers actually imitated and embodied their favorite stars instead of performing as themselves.

Bennett's most recent role is starring in the upcoming action/thriller movie, Submerged. He plays an ex-military, limo driver/bodyguard hired to protect a group of young teens being targeted by kidnappers. When their limo sinks and they're trapped underwater, they must fight to survive. You can just imagine the prewritten, cliche, dramatic taglines: It was supposed to be an ordinary job. This fall, the party ends. Etc. etc. etc.

Are you excited to see what kind of moves Bennett has on DWTS? Which of his past roles is your favorite?

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