Happy NFL season, folks! 

The fantasy football drafts are fresh, the players are all geared up, and the fans could not be more excited as we eagerly await for the Green Bay Packers and the Seattle Seahawks to go head to head tonight on NBC. 

So in honor of the official start of the NFL season, Blake Shelton and Jimmy Fallon competed in a game of "Random Object Football Toss" last night on The Tonight Show With Jimmy Fallon, during which the two took "turns trying to complete passes of random objects" into a target. 

As Fallon explains, "Each object is worth one point and the last object—the money ball—is worth two."

Blake Shelton, Jimmy Fallon


Sounds pretty simple, right? Not so fast...

Shelton was challenged to toss a mannequin head (which he quipped that "it looks like Alanis Morissette"), a footlong sub, a beer pitcher full of peanuts, an eight-layer dip and a blow horn. 

His response to Fallon's NFL test? "This is the dumbest thing ever!" 

Blake Shelton, Jimmy Fallon


Of course, hilarity ensues as the two proceed to toss the objects at the target (Blake even takes a bite out of the sub before he flings it at the bull's-eye) although their efforts prove wildly unsuccessful. 

That is, until the country crooner perfectly throws the pitcher full of peanuts, pulling ahead of Fallon and winning the epic game. 

The funnyman's reply before he takes a turn tossing the peanuts? "Thank you for putting your nuts in my hand, I appreciate it." 

Aren't these two just the best?! 

Are you excited for NFL season? Hit the comments to weigh in! 

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