Jimmy Kimmel Asks Men on the Street If They've Looked Up the Leaked Celebrity Nude Pics—Watch Now!

One man said seeing Jennifer Lawrence in the buff was "my most prized vision"

By Rebecca Macatee Sep 04, 2014 1:58 PMTags

There's no question that the privacy of Jennifer Lawrence, Kate Upton and all the female celebrities whose nude pictures were leaked last weekend was violated.

But, does knowing how the photos were unethically obtained make men feel guilty enough to avoid them? Jimmy Kimmel Live! hit the streets of Hollywood to find out the answer, asking a multiple guys whether they'd looked up the nude pics.

And? There doesn't seem to be much of a moral high ground when a naked Jennifer Lawrence is part of the equation. One fella described seeing the Oscar winner nude as "my most prized vision."

Another man hadn't searched for the pics, but when asked if he planned to, he answered a definite and unapologetic, "Yeah."

There was even a man dressed up as Superman, a hero "who stands for truth, and justice and the American way," Kimmel noted. So did he look up the nude photos? "No, I have not," he said, adding quickly, "Now I have a task to do when I get home."

Guess we know his Kryptonite. One man hadn't looked up the photos—and didn't plan to—but even his reasons weren't as innocent as you might think.

Watch the clip above to see what all the guys had to say.