When Ne-Yo gets going, it's the sky—and apparently not the speed—that's the limit.  

The 28-year-old hip-hop star was arrested early Tuesday in Atlanta after Cobb County police clocked his Range Rover going more than 100 mph. 

Police spokeswoman Cassie Reece said Ne-Yo, whose real name is Shaffer Smith, was booked on charges of reckless driving and driving without a license and released later that day on a $1,300 bond. 

He's due in court Mar. 25 to answer to the charges. 

Ne-Yo, whose sophomore album Because of You won the Grammy this year for Best Contemporary R&B Album, has a home in Atlanta. 

The rapper-songwriter is currently embroiled in a lawsuit against the tour promoter behind R Kelly's recent Double Up Tour, from which Ne-Yo was booted after only two shows. 

The Arkansas native claims that he was attracting more ticket buyers and better reviews than Kelly, and that Georgia-based Rowe Entertainment unceremoniously dropped him at the behest of Kelly's people—a charge the R&B star's rep has adamantly denied. 

"Ne-Yo may think blaming the situation on R. Kelly will improve his chances of collecting from the promoter, but if he does, he is sadly mistaken," publicist Alan Mayer told E! Online last month. "Anyone remotely familiar with R. Kelly knows he is confident enough in his own abilities to be happy to share the stage with enormously talented people-the more talented, the better." 

But Ne-Yo is sticking to his story, although apparently he's saving his rage for the road these days. 

"Me personally? I've let it go," he told MTV News' Website recently. "I'm not the hold-a-grudge guy. I'm not gonna see R. Kelly in the street and run up on him and swing on him. I'm not gonna do a dis record about R. Kelly. It was what it was. It happened. For whatever reason, he, I don't know, I guess felt threatened by me and kicked me off tour. Life goes on. 

"I don't have a problem with the man. It's apparent he has a problem with me—he kicked me off tour." 

While not holding a grudge, Ne-Yo has also been busy prepping for his follow-up to Because of You and fielding songwriting requests from Usher and Janet Jackson, among others.

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