Francesca Tolot, Glam Squad

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Yes, we all know Beyoncé wakes up flawless. But that doesn't mean she doesn't have a makeup artist to help her achieve those stunning red carpet and music video looks. In fact, she's been turning to Francesca Tolot for over a decade now to do just that.

Tolot has created literally hundreds of unique makeup looks for the diva. And funnily enough when she wasn't doing that she was working on her new beauty book "One Woman, 100 Faces." And nope, it's not featuring Queen Bey. This particular photo journey is all about her other muse, model Mitzi Martin. She also preps other celebs such as Gwen Stefani, Faith Hill and Chloe Grace Moretz for their close-ups. Yeah, as unbelievable as it is: Francesca just has that many makeup ideas!

So for just a little while we asked her to take a break from her constant creating to reflect on her beauty history. Here's what she had to share:

Beyonce, Francesca Tolot, Glam Squad

Courtesy: Francesca Tolot

How long have you been a makeup artist?
I am been in the industry for over two decades. I started by career in Milan working freelance for major fashion magazine such as Italian Vogue and working closely with fashion designers for runway shows. Eventually I moved to the United States where my majority of clients were Hollywood celebrities.

What was your big break?
My biggest break was coming to America, this gave me the opportunity to work in the Hollywood scene but also maintaining my passion of editorial work thanks to my longstanding relationship with the iconic photographer Herb Ritz. During this time, I started working closely with Madonna on a wide range of great projects from editorial covers, multiple videos, and creating the look for the movie Dick Tracy.

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Francesca Tolot, Glam Squad

Getty Images, AP/Invision

What are a few of your favorite red carpet looks that you've created?
Honestly, it's very hard to choose as I have been working with Beyoncé for over 12 years and that's a lot of looks! We have done many red carpet looks but my favorite are this year's VMAs and the 2014 Grammys.

What was a near-fiasco that you've had to deal with?
Definitely traveling internationally and not having your makeup bag arrive at the baggage claim. I would spend the next 24 hours hoping a miracle would happen—and it usually did!

Beyonce, Francesca Tolot, Glam Squad


What's the best thank you gift you've ever got?
I have been fortunate to receive quite a few thank you gifts from my clients, one that I physically keep close to my heart is from Elizabeth Taylor. It's a diamond cross and I've never taken it off. 

Who have you been working with the longest?
First let me begin by answering this question by saying how blessed I feel that I have spent so much time these two amazingly iconic women. One being Elizabeth Taylor whom I worked with consistently from the day we met until the time she past spanning over 20 years or so. And two being Beyoncé, whom I have been working with over twelve years. 

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