The Tick

Evan Agostini/ImageDirect

Spoon! The Tick could be coming back to life. Yes, we're talking about that show based on a comic book from the 1980s that also had a cartoon in the 1990s.

Patrick Warburton, David Burke, Nestor Carbonell and Liz Vassey starred in the very short-lived—we're talking nine episodes—Fox series that ran from 2001-2002.

Creator Ben Edlund confirmed revival talks on Twitter, but didn't share many more details.

"Yes for now suffice it to say the dream of a new live-action Tick is being pursued with vigor #bringbackTheTick," he tweeted.

The Tick followed a superhero with immense strength and mass. His background changed from comic to cartoon to series, but in the original comic book series, he was legally insane. The Fox cartoon ran from 1994-1996. According to People, Warburton is set to return to the title role with the revived series on Amazon.

The Tick wouldn't be the first show to come back from the dead. Take a look at 12 other shows that beat cancellation.

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