Charlize Theron: "I Do Not Have a Perfect Body!"

"I'm always finding things I can work on," she tells Modern Luxury

By Zach Johnson Sep 02, 2014 11:00 AMTags
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Even Charlize Theron has room for improvement.

The actress covers Modern Luxury's September 2014 issue and looks sultry as ever in the stunning spread. Confident as she may appear, Theron admits she's not 100 percent happy with her figure. "I do not have a perfect body!" says the star, who spins and does yoga. "I'm always finding things I can work on, but I definitely have reached a point where I feel comfortable and happy with the way my body looks."

Theron adds, "I definitely am not one of those people that is constantly counting calories and doesn't allow myself to enjoy food—I love food. But I just try to be mindful of what I eat and be good to myself."

Staying in shape is a family activity. "My mom and I really enjoy hiking in the morning," she says. "There is a great trail around the corner from my house, so I go with [my 2-year-old son] Jackson and the dogs."

Where does her self-confidence come from? "I like to think I am a woman who is comfortable [with] and celebratory of my strengths…and indulges in the qualities that make me feel beautiful," the actress says.

Theron may be an independent woman, but the 39-year-old likes having a strong man by her side, too. "A modern man should elevate and celebrate the emerging progression of the modern woman," she says. Sean Penn, her boyfriend of nearly a year, fits the bill. Theron adds, "These days women are doing any-and everything, and men are realizing that women are able to do everything they can do. I think at the end of the day, we should be supporting one another, building each other up. We need each other."