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Thanks to the Internet, you may never be able to look at a Hershey's kiss the same way again.

The Hershey Company has unveiled a new logo featuring its iconic and delectable star. Gone is the silver wrapper, while the firm, the No. 1 candy manufacturer in the United States, has also dropped the "'s" from its name, now displayed as just "Hershey." 

People have already started to weigh in on social media. A common verdict? It ... stinks. Scores of readers, as well as Mashable, think that the kiss on the logo is a few bumps away from looking like the poo emoji used on smartphones.

Hershey Logo

Business Wire/The Hershey Company

Hershey's New Logo
Hershey's Logo Looked Better ...

The new logo is part of a "refreshed corporate brand that builds on the company's powerful legacy and creates a new, modern look and feel that positions the company for the next 100 years," Hershey said in a statement on its website on Friday, adding that it features a "new interpretation of the iconic shape" of Kisses.

The makeover comes a month after Hershey, which has seen increased sales in recent months, raised its wholesale chocolate prices by about 8 percent, marking its first such hike in three years. The company cited price increases of ingredients such as cocoa, nuts and dairy as the reason.

Hershey Kiss

The Hershey Company

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