Chrissy Teigen

KAT / Splash News

Chrissy Teigen has never been afraid of showing off her fabulous figure, but she got really close to revealing more than she bargained for during a stroll out in New York City earlier this week.

The Sports Illustrated model was seen walking her pet pooch in the Big Apple in a Canadian tuxedo when her button-down denim shirt nearly exposed her entire boob!

The outspoken brunette narrowly escaped a nip slip, however, and she made sure to button up her chambray blouse for the remainder of her afternoon outing.

And speaking about John Legend's wife's, ahem, assets, they were also recently the topic of conversation after her GQ magazine cover seemed to be slightly Photoshopped in that area.

She's shown wearing nothing but a pair of blue panties, with her left arm wrapped around her chest. The only issue? It looks like her nipples have been completely blurred out of the cover shot.

Of course, in typical Teigen fashion, she pointed out the airbrush flub on her own and poked fun at herself in the process.

"I have no nipples," Teigen wrote on Twitter. "I draw them on with sharpies each morning and sometimes I forget."

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