Jesse Helt

Jesse Helt was thrust into the spotlight Sunday when, while accepting Miley Cyrus' MTA VMA for Video of the Year on her behalf, he used the platform to speak "on behalf of 1.6 million runaways and homeless youth who are starving, lost and scared right now."

Two days later, E! News learned that there was an outstanding warrant for 22-year-old Helt's arrest in Oregon for probation violation, stemming from previous charges including criminal trespassing and criminal mischief.

On Thursday at around 8 p.m., Helt turned himself in to Polk County Jail in Dallas, Ore., E! News can confirm. A jail official told NBC News he was booked, paid $2,500 bond of a $25,000 bail (the required 10 percent for release) and released about an hour later. E! News obtained a copy of his mug shot, as seen here.

Helt will be expected to appear before a judge in about two weeks, Corrections Director Martin Silbernagel told USA Today.

Cyrus, who met Helt through her volunteer work with the charity My Friend's Place, was quick to defend her VMA date when his legal history first came to light. "People who are homeless have lived very hard lives. Jesse included," she tweeted.

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"Does looking down upon the homeless help excuse their inaction?" she asked.

Cyrus, 21, advised her fans that instead of "obsess(ing) over one homeless mans legal issue [they] help the other 1.6 million homeless youth" through her charity contest with Prizeo. For a small donation, fans can enter to win a trip to Rio and VIP tickets to her Bangerz concert.

—Reporting by Lindsay Good

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