Sam Lutfi Strikes Back

Spears pal denies Lynne's explosive allegations of abuse, calls concern "understandable"

By Gina Serpe Feb 06, 2008 9:43 PMTags

In the past, Sam Lutfi has had no qualms about speaking out to the media on behalf of Britney Spears. Now, he's doing it on behalf of himself.

A day after Lynne Spears' explosive allegations about him became public, Britney's erstwhile right-hand man spoke out exclusively to E! News, denying the damning accusations of mental and emotional abuse.

"I'm not worried about what Lynne is saying," the 33-year-old said via phone from an undisclosed location. "It's not true."

Still, Lutfi did not appear to bear any ill will against Spears' mother for dragging his name through the media mud.

"They're family and their concerns are understandable, but these allegations are not true," he added.

Lutfi is believed to be hiding somewhere in Los Angeles in order to avoid being formally served with the restraining order in which Lynne Spears made her allegations. He refused to divulge his whereabouts to E! News.

In the mother's court declaration, she accused Lutfi of drugging Britney, cutting her phone lines, hiding her cell phones and cell phone chargers, hiding and then finding, "savior-style," her favorite dog and otherwise mentally and emotionally manipulating the "Toxic" singer.  Among his threats: that she would never see her two sons again lest she do exactly what he ordered.

The restraining order barring him from having any contact with Britney was originally granted Friday and was reaffirmed by a judge on Monday. Lynne Spears' declaration was unsealed Tuesday.

Earlier in the week, before Lynne's on-the-record comments were made public, Lutfi admitted to Us Weekly that he medicated Spears, purportedly for her own good, and gave insight into the manic mood swings of the singer.

The self-styled movie producer confirmed at least one of Lynne's allegations: that he gave Britney "a handful of pills" on the evening of Jan. 30, just hours before her parents arrived and before Britney's subsequent hospitalization.

"I said these pills are working wonders—they are miracle pills," he said without ever saying what pills, exactly, he was feeding the singer. He did say, however, that Spears seemed in agreement that the meds helped her moods.

"In the depressive episodes, it's all crying," he said. "But in the manic episode, there's very little crying or sympathy or compassion. She becomes another person. She becomes somebody that just doesn't care about anybody or anything."

Lutfi also said that Spears' now-infamous adoption of a British accent is an indication that she has hit a manic stage, much like her donning of a certain pink pageboy wig indicates a deep swing in the opposite direction.

Lutfi said that when the ambulance arrived at her home in the early morning hours of Jan. 31, Spears "was very quiet," adding that they communicated throughout the night by passing notes back and forth.

"She wrote me a note and put a big heart on it and it said, 'I love you, Sam. Are there people coming? Circle yes or no.' Oh my God, it was funny, just the cutest little thing. I circled yes and I gave it back to her, and she looked at me and she's like, 'Oh, lord, here we go again.' "

—Additional reporting by Jason Kennedy