Dianna Agron, Hair


If blondes have more fun, then do platinum blondes have even more fun?

Dianna Agron decided to lighten up last night, and posted a picture on Twitter of her new platinum blond bob. "Midnight makeovers. @davestanwell makes it happen," she captioned the pic, calling out her hairstylist David Stanwell.

Usually our late-night decisions involve making a plate of nachos, but Dianna's midnight move is so much chicer.

The Glee star is known for being a blonde, but her new platinum hue and her above-the-chin cut is the perfect mix of edgy and sweet. Dianna is also in good company, with a slew of stars recently going for a blond bob.

Lena Dunham got a platinum bowl cut earlier this month, which grew into a short bob by the time the Emmys rolled around. She made waves on the red carpet not for her hairstyle, but her crazy pink confection of an outfit. And then there's Miranda Lambert, who went short and sweet the other week, too.

What do you think: Do you like Dianna's new platinum style? 

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