Selena Gomez Joins Justin Bieber in Canada—Get the Exclusive Details!

These two lovebirds are seemingly back on as they stop by a Tim Hortons restaurant in Ontario

By Bruna Nessif, Holly Passalaqua Aug 28, 2014 3:29 AMTags
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Yet again, so many questions come up.

Does this mean Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez are back together again? Why does he keep posting photos like this? Will this be deleted in two minutes? How long have they been seeing each other this time around? Will they still be together tomorrow?

Let's just all take a moment to realize that even if the answers to all of these questions and more were revealed right now, they would probably change in ten minutes. However, while these two celebs continue to be off and on, they currently appear to be very on as Gomez joins her beau on a trip to Canada, E! News learns.

Biebs has sparked the Jelena romance rumor mill in recent days by posting then deleting a number of photos of Selena, and this black and white selfie (or "ussie"?) of the duo seems to be the latest of the bunch (and is still up!).

E! News has exclusively learned that the celeb couple visited a Tim Hortons resaturant around 7:30 pm this evening in New Hamburg, Ontario, grab some take-out for dinner. A source tells E! News, "His dad lives around here and he has come through here about three times this year".
The source adds, "Selena came to the counter with the bodyguards and Justin went into the bathroom. They came in and ordered a bunch of food and drinks. They ordered paninis and crispy chicken sandwiches and donuts. They had bodyguards with them so some of the food may have been for them too."
According to the insider, it seems like the pair were trying to keep things as secretive as possible. "Justin and Selena did not speak to each other and I think they a were in separate vehicles."