Big Brother, Frankie Grande

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Frankie Grande has definitely been the most talked-about contestant on season 16 of Big Brother.

The 31-year-old half-brother of "mega pop star" Ariana Grande has made headlines, shocked his fellow houseguests and certainly caused a little bit of controversy here and there.

His most recent head-scratcher is that he thinks lesbians chose their sexual orientation (seriously!). But that's not Frankie's only standout comment. Check out our roundup of the rest of Frankie's most controversial moments in the Big Brother House.

1. Frankie Thinks Lesbians Chose to Be Lesbians: During a discussion about sexuality and sexual orientation, Frankie recently admitted he strongly believes women who like other women chose to be lesbians. This is odd because Frankie believes he was born a gay man. "Any lesbians choose to become lesbians later in life," Frankie told his housemates. "Women who have been with man after man after man after man choose to become a lesbian later in life. Gay men it doesn't work so much that way. It's usually they're like, ‘Oh OK, no, I'm gay.'"

Big Brother, Jocasta Odom

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2. Frankie Says Jacosta Can "Kill Herself": You probably shouldn't tell a housemate to kill themselves, especially when said housemate is a pastor and just performed a memorial service for your recently deceased grandfather. Well, this did happen and Frankie was indeed the one who said Jacosta "can kill herself." Jacosta's sister later told media, "It shows the lack of maturity he has."

3. Zach and Frankie's Bromance Has People Talking: While we wouldn't call Frankie and Zach's relationship controversial because we have no problem with same-sex couples, their constant physical touching, cuddling and intimate whisperings were a little odd for a straight guy and an openly gay man, something the whole house was trying to figure out for weeks. Either way, their relationship had contestants and viewers alike talking.

4. Frankie Reveals the Truth: After lying to contestants about his identity for weeks, he finally revealed he's "quasi-famous" in a very self-important and sorta dramatic speech. "So I've been lying to you the entire game. I'm not who I said I was," Frankie revealed. "I'm a YouTuber and a TV personality and a social media mogul. It's what I do. I tweet and I keek and I vine and I make videos. I walked into this house with 1.5 million followers." Mogul: It's what he does!

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