The 72nd episode of In Bed With Joan featured not one but two rape jokes.

Joan Rivers interviewed Eddie Cibrian and LeAnn Rimes for her web series. The 15-minute video, published Tuesday, shows the iconic comedienne getting personal with the controversial couple. "This will be our first kind of threesome, and honestly, I'm kind of nervous that I won't be able to perform," Cibrian said. He then joked about Rivers' age, saying, "There's something to be said about experience."

After the spouses crawled in bed with Rivers, they got down to business. Rimes and Cibrian swapped drinks before the interview began, because as the country singer joked, "This one might be roofied."

Twelve minutes into the conversation, Rivers asked Rimes to reveal when she lost her virginity. "I was in Monte Carlo and I was 15?" she said, sounding unsure. Cibrian laughed at the absurdity of her life as a young performer, and his wife conceded, "I know, it's kind of a bulls--t story. I was 16. There you go."

"Was it nice? Was it bad? Was he nice?" Rivers asked. The two-time Grammy winner said, "He was my boyfriend for like three and a half years. He was fine. I think I raped him. I think that's how it happened."

The Vh1 reality stars also addressed the affairs that ended their first marriages.

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