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We can all come together and admit Monday is easily the work week's most dreaded day, but if we had to pick a runner-up, we would definitely place our bets on Friday. Working on a Friday is the only thing separating us from a weekend of Netflix, alcohol and freedom.

Before go any further, let us present for your reference this definitive ranking (from worst to best) of the days of the week when it comes going to work:
• Monday
• Friday
• Tuesday
• Wednesday
• Thursday
• Sunday
• Saturday

If you work on Fridays like many of us do, you know the mental process that is the pre-weekend work grind. You know exactly what we're talking about here...

Waking Up

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Your alarm goes off and you quickly run through every emergency scenario you can use to get out of work. You hit snooze approximately 14 times until there is no longer a way to get your ass out the door on time. Some dry shampoo and a comfy sweater will get you through today.

Driving to Work

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You're pounding coffee and weeping softly about yourself because everything seems to be going wrong. You're up at 7 a.m.., the morning sun is blinding you and you can't find your shades, traffic is a confusing bitch, and your iPod has decided to paly Ed Sheeran (which could make the morning emotional for anyone).

Arriving at Your Desk

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"Ooooookay. Time to get serious. I can do this. If I'm super-productive today, then I'll totally deserve to have a crazy-fun weekend. Plus, the office is basically empty. This is my time to shine."

Your First Few Projects

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Well, that was short-lived. Every task seems like it's taking a painfully long amount of time and all you want to do is text your friends to figure out tonight's plans. You've hidden your phone under the keyboard and are determined to pick tonight's bar before you leave for the day.


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HONESTLY IS IT TIME TO GO HOME YET? You start eating your feelings because it's Friday and you'd really rather be doing anything but this. Anything but work. So you draw out your lunch break and afterward, you're kind of in a food coma. However, you also somehow succeed in getting back on track and get some actual work done. How you've managed to do so is beyond us.

3 p.m.

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If you're one of the lucky ones, you're already out of the office by now. You are simply too #blessed to be #stressed. But if you're still in the office, you're checking the clock every minute (except it feels like it's every 10 minutes). You've just got to plug through. You can do this for two more hours.

5 O'Clock

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TIME TO GO. PRAISE ALL THAT IS GOOD IN THE WORLD. You've somehow managed to make it through yet another Friday. You know in your heart of hearts this weekend will fly by way too quickly and Monday will come too soon, but for now you don't care. Because it's Friday night, bitches.

To all of you out there grinding on a Friday, push through...The weekend is upon us. Now get back to work.

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