Chris Soules, The Bachelor


Anyone else feel like heading out to the country? 

It's official: we're totally crushing on a farmer! Chris Soules, The Bachelorette fan favorite, was officially named the new Bachelor on Wednesday, beating out former contestant Arie Luyendyk Jr. to become ABC's next leading man.

The fourth-generation farmer from Arlington, Iowa, (who has about 12,000 hogs), already proved he was worthy of becoming America's next most-sought after man (or reality TV star, same diff!) during his time with Andi Dorfman, but we're sharing nine facts you may not know about him, but totally need to.

Warning, these will make you want to make an embarrassing audition video in an attempt to compete with 24 other women for Chris' heart. (Any videographers out there? Asking for...a friend.)

1. His favorite holiday is Christmas. What does this tell us? He's human. And has good taste. (Is it December yet?!)

2. His favorite movies are Rudy, Braveheart and Meet the Parents. What does this tell us? He has varied taste...and is open to crying in public.

3. His biggest date fear is "accidental diarrhea." What does this tell us? He isn't immune to TMI. (Ew, Chris. Ew.)

4. He's still friends with some of his fellow contestants, including Cody Sattler and Tasos Hernandez. He even made the latter a super-sweet birthday gift. What does this tell us? He's a guy's guy, and can make friends even in unusual situations. 

Chris Soules Instagram


5. He's a family man. Just look at that adorable photo of him with his nieces and nephews and try not to swoon. It's impossible. What does this tell us? Babies and children can make an already hot man look even hotter. Science.

6. He's down to do some karaoke. (Proof: He tackled "I Like Big Butts" with his fellow cast members.) What does this tell us? He's willing to make an ass out of himself and doesn't take himself too seriously. (Further proof: he signed on for a reality TV show.)

7. He likes to post selfies from his tractor. What does this tell us? He rides a tractor, like a swoon-worthy hero straight out of a damn country song. Or out of a romantic-comedy starring Sandra Bullock or Reese Witherspoon.

8. He likes to write handwritten love letters, including the ones he secretly sent Andi throughout the season. What does this tell us? Combined with the fact that he told her he loved her by hiring a plane to sky-write it on his hometown date, he is a hardcore romantic. 


The end.

The Bachelor returns January 2015.

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