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Remember that dreadful customer service call with Comcast that everyone on the Internet heard and we all winced collectively as a human race? This is the opposite of that.

Basically, every other company could take customer service lessons from Amazon, because not only do they have an amazing track record with fixing problems rather quickly and efficiently, but they're also doing stuff like this. 

Reddit poster UranusExplorer (quick break to giggle like a 12-year-old boy at his username) had an issue with Amazon not delivering a book he ordered, so he started a chat with a customer service representative who introduced himself as Thor. Unclear if that is actually the dude's name, but UranusExplorer (heehee) went with it and asked if he could be Odin (Thor's daddy). 

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And then the customer support exchange just hilariously steamrolled from there:

Amazon Customer Service Conversation


The best part about this whole thing is when the Amazon customer service rep broke character to ensure that the problem was being fixed. And dude got "hooked up" with one-day delivery!

So Comcast, the lesson in all of this is:

Begging = bad.

Quick and funny problem solving = good. 


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