If you pictured a person for whom the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge went incredibly wrong, he or she may look something like this guy.

Complete with camouflage cargo shorts (the most egregious of fashion faux pas), an American flag vest and a giant Confederate flag, this moron ELECTED to light his hair on fire and then put it out with a bucket full of ice...a great incorporation of two elements of nature into one Ice Bucket Challenge. However, things didn't go as planned and his hair burned for longer than anticipated.

The original video was taken down, but luckily the Internet likes to hold onto special things like this. It was posted by another user so it may bring joy to the world forever.

This is the part of this article in which we would like to reiterate: This guy managed to LIGHT HIMSELF ON FIRE DOING THE EXACT THING THAT PUTS OUT MANY A FIRE. How he managed to defy the laws of nature, we're not sure. It takes a special kind of person...

As if we needed confirmation beyond the Confederate flag, this video has verified it. You, sir, are the Dumbest Man in the World.

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