Jimmy Fallon, Stephen Colbert, Emmy Awards 2014 Show

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The Colbert Report has emerged victorious yet again from the two-man Emmy race that was only a one-man race up until last year.

Although Jimmy Fallon did fancy it a three-man race for a moment.

"It's unbelievable, she said it wrong, so there must be a mistake. I want to see the envelope," the Tonight Show host insisted, joining Stephen Colbert and his team onstage when The Colbert Report won its second straight Emmy for Outstanding Variety Series, holding off 19-time (including writing and other awards) winner The Daily Show for at least one more year. (The Daily Show won the top prize 10 straight years before being unthroned by Colbert Report in 2013.)

The mistake Jimmy was referring to, of course, was presenter Gwen Stefani's Travoltification of The Colbert Report—which at first seemed like a joke, the commonly picked upon flat pronunciation of his show, but upon review seemed like a real, live, unfortunate flub.

"I just want to htank Stephen and all his writers," the ever-enthusiastic Fallon continued, and the actual winner—whose iconic Comedy Central show is ending at the end of this year—played along, pretending to whisper the right things to say into Fallon's ear.

"Colbert, you guys are the greatest," he continued. "We want to thank Comedy Central. Of course, they're great. I want to thank his wife and his children. They're just fantastic, everyone who's worked on the show for the last nine years...and you know who you are. If you don't know who you are, go to IMDb, it's very comprehensive...If you always wanted to work on the show and you don't have a chance now because it's ending, just put your name on IMDb and I'll back you up…Just call yourself, like a creative consultant.

"Don't make me say that!" Fallon finally scolded Colbert. "You're in trouble!"

Stephen Colbert, Emmy Awards 2014 Show

Vince Bucci/Invision for the Television Academy/AP Images

And then Jimmy finally surrendered the mic to the actual man of the moment, who earlier in the night as a presenter had a brief verbal exchange with his imaginary friend.

"Thanks so much for giving us this award," Colber said, hoisting his show's sixth Emmy overall. "We want to thank Jon Stewart again. We want to thank everyone one who's not on this stage who's back [in New York]. Our writers won last week. I'm so proud of those guys and one woman—sorry for that, for some reason—and I love my wife and I love my children."

He blew wife Evelyn a kiss.

"And thank you for all your patience with me. Thank you."

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