Jon Hamm, Emmy Awards 2014 Show

Kevin Winter/Getty Images

Seth Meyers sure had his hands full tonight!

During the 2014 Emmy Awards, NBC's designated host couldn't catch a break from a few famous faces in the audience.

At one point, Meyers tried his best to answer their burning questions about the show. The results were absolutely hysterical!

Jon Hamm first stood up and asked if tonight's show will even air. When Meyers replied the show was indeed airing live on NBC, Hamm couldn't help but freak out.

"Oh, so I'm on TV?" he asked before realizing the truth. "Awesome!"

Melissa McCarthy was more concerned about whether or not her car was going to get towed. After claiming she was too late to park in her designated structure, the Mike & Molly star decided to park in a random location.

When Meyers warned her that she's probably going to get towed, McCarthy started pointing fingers.

"Well, Edie Falco said that if you left a note, you would for sure not be towed," she yelled. That saga isn't ending anytime soon. 

The funniest moment came when Saturday Night Live star Fred Armisen asked his co-star if this show could happen every year. "One more year! One more year!" he started chanting with the crowd. Now that's one thing Seth might be able to do!  Watch hilarity ensue in the video clip above. 

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