Kate McKinnon, Emmy Awards 2014

Frazer Harrison/Getty Images

Kate McKinnon hit the red carpet looking beautiful as ever and prepared for the 2014 Emmy Awards. We're not sure, however, if she was prepared to talk candidly about one of her memorable performances as of late: Her role as Justin Bieber.

In a live red carpet interview with Ross Mathews, the Saturday Night Live comedian was asked about her hysterical and accurate portrayal of Bieber on SNL and how she gets into character. In case you were wondering, it involves a lot of dreams and some admiration from afar.

"I had met him and I had seen him and I loved him...He came to me in dreams and I took what I saw," said McKinnon.

Kate McKinnon, Justin Bieber


We would've loved a little on-camera Bieber and Mathews wasn't afraid to ask for such. Unfortunately, McKinnon wasn't in costume, saying, "I can't without my wig and tats. It's all the tats that make the costume."

We totally understand. Would anyone be able to recognize the teenage pop star without his tattoos and signature hairstyles? We can't make any guarantees.

Bieber isn't the only impersonation Kate McKinnon has rocked. She also made a scarily accurate Ellen DeGeneres impression during a visit to the show, which DeGeneres loved.

"Ellen has been an absolutely peach. She's been a champion," said McKinnon. We can't wait to see what impersonations McKinnon does in the future. Suggestions, anyone?

Watch the red carpet clip below!

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