She's getting another take! HBO released the first teaser for the return of The Comeback, Lisa Kudrow's beloved comedy about sitcom star Valerie Cherish using reality TV as a comeback tool, and it's typical Val.

In the spot, the redhead is surrounded by paparazzi...but she's on the wrong side. As she struggles to get through to the target—we assume it's Juna (Malin Akerman) since it looks like Val is saying "baby girl," her pet name for her Room and Bored costar—accolades for The Comeback cut in and out. The audio is from an episode of the first season of The Comeback where Val rallies the live sitcom audience of Room and Bored to let her get another take during a taping. Now it's HBO's turn to give The Comeback another take.

The Comeback, Lisa Kudrow

HBO/John P. Johnson

The series lasted for one season in 2005—despite picking up a number of Emmy nominations and praise—and became a cult hit. Now, nearly 10 years later, Kudrow is back in the red wig and stepping into Val's shoes once again for a new six-episode season set to debut in November. The same amount of time has passed for Val as it has for the audience and the new season finds her working on a new series with a camera crew tagging along for some behind-the-scenes extras.

When viewers re-meet Valerie Cherish, she'll be a little different. "She's showing a little more of that angry part of herself, but she's not angry...She invents bad things, she doesn't hear it coming from people," Kudrow told E! News in July. "It's an insecurity we all have, just like with the hair product thing [in season one]. It's like, ‘I don't, how will people won't know it's me? This isn't the time to try something new!' It's that kind of angst that she's know?"

Look for new episodes of The Comeback in November on HBO.

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