Julie Bowen

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Just because Julie Bowen is going to the Emmys on Monday doesn't mean she'll let her mommy duties fall by the wayside.

"All three of [my kids] don't have school on Monday and they don't have camp so I'll be up and I'll make breakfast and then I'll do the dishes and then I'll yell at them," the Modern Family star told me at Audi's annual pre-Emmys party at Cecconi's. "I'll probably give them some strikes—'One, two, three strikes, you're out. You get no iPad time!' They'll be some crying. Maybe a visit to the doctor."

And she's ready for last-minute fiasco or two. "Something has gone wrong every year and so I just embrace it," Bowen said. "One year my kid threw up on me. And one year I dropped my phone in liquid. Something always goes wrong, but it also happens every day so I can't really just blame that."

Modern Family

ABC/Ron Tom

As for what she'll wear? She definitely won't look like Martin Lawrence.


We'll let Julie explain.

"It was like 100 degrees the day I was trying on the dresses. And they all seemed like giant sweat boxes," she said. "I felt like somebody was going to…like I was just going to faint in the middle of the red carpet.

"I was going to be like Martin Lawrence running on Ventura Boulevard. Remember that? In his black like rubber suit and he passed out," Bowen said. "Every dress just looked like a Martin Lawrence to me. Except for one. It was light and airy and that was it. That was the winner."

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