Anyone who goes above and beyond to save an animal's life automatically become our favorite people. So meet our new best friends!

Melbourne Firefighters and Wildlife Victoria, an Australian Wildlife Emergency Response team were called to a scene where an injured koala bear named Sir Chompsalot had been hit by a car and then climbed a tree to take shelter. They managed to get him out of the tree by catching him in a blanket, but he wasn't breathing and presumed dead.

Thankfully, the rescue teams quickly got to work giving him oxygen, and one team member (heard in the video begging the animal to take a breath), even gave him mouth to mouth. After a couple minutes of CPR and the workers rubbing his chest to get movement in his heart and air back in his lungs, you can hear Sir Chompsalot start to growl and come back to life.

After he is shown on camera being adorable and grateful to be alive, he was taken to a local animal hospital where he is now recovering from the ordeal.

Thank you, Melbourne fire fighters and Wildlife Victoria for not giving up on Sir Chompsalot!

(H/T Buzzfeed)

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