Lena Dunham, Girls Promo


Fall is almost upon us, and you know what that means...we can finally wear all those cute sweaters and boots we've been storing in the back of our closets for months!

Just kidding! (Well, not about the sweaters and boots, because we are really excited to wear those again.) We're actually obsessively counting down the days until all our favorite shows come back, including new episodes of Girls.

So excuse us while we thank the HBO gods, because the network just released the first season-four teaser for Girls today, and it's as amazing as we could hope for from a quick, 30-second clip.

In fact, the teaser reminds us why we love Girls star Lena Dunham so much. Watch the new tease below to see what we mean:

The clip starts out with Dunham's character, Hannah Horvath, enjoying the sunny day by going on a nice bike ride. Things are easy, relaxed, there's a cheerful song playing in the background...it's perfect.

And then Dunham totally wipes out on the side of the bike path. And just lays there with the bike on top of her. Until production crews rush over to help her.

Sorry, we just snort-laughed. Now this is too perfect.

And for you über-obsessive Girls fans (cough cough, like us), you probably noticed that Dunham posted a 15-second version of this tease earlier this morning on her Instagram to celebrate the show being back in production, but now we can see the full clip in all its glory thanks to HBO.

Girls returns for season four in 2015.

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