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The Simpsons, TV's longest-running American sitcom, animated program and primetime scripted series, shows no signs of fading away just yet. But if (and when) it does, executive producer Al Jean knows how the adventures in Springfield will come to an end.

Tweeting as part of FXX's Every Simpsons Ever marathon—which is exactly what it sounds like, a 12-day marathon featuring all 552 episodes of the Fox series and the feature film—Jean revealed his ideal ending is one very familiar to fans of the beloved comedy.

"@EverySimpsons My idea for last episode -- ends w/arrival at Xmas pageant (beginning of first episode)," he tweeted. "Whole series a continuous loop..."

True Detective's Rust Cohle was right all along; time is a flat circle…at least in TV land.

Jean is of course referring to the first ever Simpsons episode, "Simpsons Roasting on an Open Fire." In the episode, Homer finds out he's not getting a Christmas bonus and after the family spends all the money on getting Bart's tattoo removed, it's looking like a grim holiday for the yellow-skinned family. It starts with the family attending the school's Christmas pageant.

The Simpsons, which made its series debut in 1989, will enter its 26th season in the fall. For the most part the series has remained largely unchanged. Bart, Lisa and Maggie are still the same age and aside from a few character deaths/departures, things have remained pretty much the status quo, making Jean's idea all the more lovable.

FXX's Simpsons marathon kicked off on Thursday, Aug. 21, and runs until Monday, Sept. 1.

What do you think of Jean's proposed ending? Tell us in the comments!

Hat tip to Uproxx.

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