Steve-O, Sea World Freeway Sign


Steve-O is known to do some crazy you-know-what, but this time, he did it with the hopes of raising awareness.

The Jackass star released a video documenting his journey to complete an elaborate prank involving the 5 freeway, SeaWorld and defying gravity. "I'm putting my foot down for Shamu," he says in the beginning of the clip.

Printing the word "SUCKS" in white letters on green paper, Steve-O climbed up on the freeway sign to alter text to read "Sea World Sucks" instead of "Sea World Drive," but as you might imagine, it wasn't so simple. The notorious prankster faced some obstacles, but he never gave up.

"I filmed myself committing a crime in the middle of California's 5 Freeway. It took me five tries to finish the job-- here's one of them-- the rest of the video is on -- it might not last long on there, so hurry up and check it out now. #SeaWorldSucks #yeahdude #steveo," he wrote on Instagram.

Once his mission was accomplished, Steve-O yelled, "If doing that was wrong, I don't wanna be right. Screw you, SeaWorld!"

The MTV star tells The Dodo that his anti-SeaWorld stunt first came to mind after watching the popular documentary Blackfish and passing SeaWorld Drive in San Diego.

"I have a pretty passionate stance against animal cruelty, as everyone knows," he said. "But I want to be really clear here too: when I go on tour to various locations, one of first things I think of is what kinds of trouble can I get to to shake things up and get some news...this worked out so great. I could kill two birds with one stone: bring attention to the cause I believe in, and bring attention to myself." 

Steve-O, who originally completed the prank in May, noted that he was very careful not to damage any property during the stunt, but did end up injuring himself in the process (what's new?).

"It's magical if I can take a wild and crazy stunt and do some good," he said. "Here I am setting out to entertain people and then I can do something to make a difference."  

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