Natasha Lyonne, Orange is the New Black


When we talked to Natasha Lyonne to congratulate her on her first-ever Emmy nomination, we had no idea that she was psychic.

The Orange Is the New Black star totally predicted her co-star Uzo Aduba's win at the Creative Arts Emmys last weekend! Lyonne was up against her OITNB co-stars and other first-time nominees Aduba and Laverne Cox for Outstanding Guest Actress in a Comedy, and while Aduba ended up taking home the hardware, we're still so excited for Lyonne's first-ever nomination.

To celebrate some of our favorite first-timers like Lyonne this awards season, we asked them all five burning questions. Check out what Aduba had to say about her early win, see all of Scandal's Joe Morton's answers, read Fargo's Colin Hanks' answers and see Game of Thrones star Lena Headeys answers.

Now, it's Lyonne's turn in the hot seat. Check out her answers below:

1. What was your first job?

When I was about six years old, I was in Pee-Wee's Playhouse gang. And people have been sending me online this commercial I did for Robotech, which was like dolls. I also did like a ton of commercials as a kid, between like six and 10 were busy years for me. So it's hard for me to remember which came first. The Robotech commercial is pretty fun. (Ed. Note: She's not lying. Watch it here!)

2. Which other TV show would you love to guest star on?

I have to say, I'm pretty thrilled that I passed through Girls and Portlandia recently and I like those shows very much. That was very exciting. The only thing that would really complete that trifecta for me is Game of Thrones, but something tells me I am not going to be making an appearance on that show any time soon.

3. List three things you'll have with you on Emmy night.

Trident White gum, Nicorette, and eyeliner. Even if I'm not wearing eyeliner, I'm going to bring some eyeliner.

4. Who do you most want to share a drink with?

My cast. I'm pretty into the ladies I get to share that night with.

5. Who do you most want to take a selfie with?

Kind of the same answer as before. I definitely want a selfie of me and Uzo and Laverne together before it's announced. And then we can take an after shot of Uzo with the trophy and me and Laverne staring daggers at her and pulling her hair from behind! (Ed. Note: We spoke to Lyonne before the winner was announced at the Creative Arts Emmys. Uzo Aduba did win!)

Best of luck to the entire Orange Is the New Black gang this Monday!

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