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Klaine fans, you might want to avert your eyes, because we've got the scoop on a major Glee character who is returning for the final season, and it doesn't mean anything good for the fan-favorite couple.

Karofsky's back! That's right, Max Adler is set to return to Glee to reprise his role as homophobic-bully-turned-gay-guy Dave Karofsky...and according to THR, he's "romantically entanged with" Blaine (Darren Criss).

Hold up, say what?! Yeah, you read that right. Blaine's love interest.

Our heads are still spinning. How about yours?

Adler will appear in at least four of the 13 episodes of the final season for a "major" arc, and we do not like it one bit, because it sounds like Klaine is heading for a split.

 Color us totally shocked by this news. Didn't the last season of Glee end with Kurt (Chris Colfer) and Blaine as happy as ever?

Of course, executive producer Ryan Murphy already told us that Glee's final season will feature a major time jump, so maybe Kurt and Blaine split up offscreen during the break (say it ain't so!). Either way, the future is not so bright for these two young loves.

In addition to the time jump (and major relationship shake-up!), the finale season of Glee will not be New York-centric and will feature a bunch of new characters at McKinley. Definitely back for the final season? Chord Overstreet, who recently told us what Sam will be up to. "I know I am back in Ohio at the school," he said. "I know the writers are three to four episodes in right now and from what I've heard it's really fun stuff."

Glee's final season is set to air at midseason on Fox.

THR first reported the news of Adler's return.

Are you happy to see Adler return to the series, or are you dreading what his arrival means for Klaine?

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